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Measles - News from SST 5 / 3-2019

Summary of the National Board of Health's guidelines for vaccination against measles:

  1. If the doctor considers that there is an indication that a person should be offered measles vaccination, this must be given free of charge in all cases
  2. All children and adolescents should be offered vaccination as part of the childhood vaccination program
  3. Persons born between 1975 and 1986 should be offered vaccination if they have not previously had measles or have not previously been vaccinated
  4. Persons born before 1974, who were born and raised in Denmark, are believed to have had measles and should therefore not be vaccinated as a starting point.
  5. If people born before 1974 want vaccination against measles, it is the doctor who assesses whether there are conditions that speak for vaccination
  6. Testing should not be offered to clarify the immune status prior to vaccination
  7. Travel abroad increases the risk of getting measles. All persons who are going to travel, where there is doubt about immunity, should be offered vaccination


Our clinic received on December 11, 2018 the quality certification which atests that our clinic holds the standards of quality dictated by the Danish Quality Model for General Practices.

Please follow the link below where you can see the certification report (only available in Danish):


Changes in the clinic

We have decided to only have specialized doctors in general medicine to conduct consultations, so there is no longer any association with KBU doctors in the clinic.

New secretaries have been employed at the clinic to assist with reception, telephone, and consultations. Most are medical students who are trained to perform these tasks under supervision.

Our permanent secretaries, Maj-Britt and Anne Berit have searched new challenges. We wish the best in the future! (They are both in the clinic until October 30, 2018.)

Privacy Policy

At the clinic, we collect and process personal information when the patients are affiliated with the clinic.

Name of contract: The collection and disclosure of patient's health information

Purpose of data collection and processing: The main purpose of the collection and disclosure of health information is to enable the treatment of patients. In order to enable a patient’s treatment, it is necessary to provide health information to various healthcare providers, including, for settlement purposes.

What kind of data do we store?

Special categories of personal data:

☒ Race or ethnic origin (mhp to order a translator, assessment of health risk and research purposes)

☒ Health information (medical history): The health information or medical history is the information regarding diagnostics, examinations, treatment, medication, medical tests, medical tests results, x-rays, scan results, certificates, references, etc.

☒ Sexual orientation or orientation (HIV assessment of health risk)

☒ Common categories of personal data: Patient’s name, social security number, e-mail, home address, and telephone number.

We have a data processing agreement with several collaborators. For example, NOVAX systems. The complete list of data processors is available to all patients at the clinic. The list can be sent to you by mail or email.

When do we delete your data (health information contained in patient journal)?

The information is deleted in accordance with the requirements of the legislation; see section 15-16 (Order No. 990/2017) of the Journal Order. At the moment, the rules state that the information contained in a patient's record must be kept for at least 10 years, though, diagnostic images is 5 years. If a complaint or compensation case is pending, the information must be retained until the case is closed.


The clinic's data processor and their subcontractors, if applicable, have committed themselves to ensuring that the necessary technical and organizational security measures are taken against accidental or illegal destruction, forfeiture or deterioration of information, as well as against the unauthorized disclosure of information that can be abused or otherwise treated in violation of the law.

Communication of personal data must be made through secure connections. Personal data transferred or stored outside a closed network controlled by the data processor must be protected by encryption. Where appropriate, and appropriate given the nature of the information, the information must also use pseudonyms.

Access controls and restrictions must be introduced to the appropriate extent. Physical material containing personal information is kept locked.

The data processor must provide for the ongoing backup of the personal data if an agreement has been reached. If the data processor does not make a backup, an agreement must be made with another supplier. Copies must be kept separate and sound and in a way that ensures that the information can be restored.

As part of the data processing agreement, the data processor has committed itself to making an annual declaration to the clinic (the data controller) that documents the data processing is in accordance with the applicable personal data laws. The declaration is based on ISAE 3402 or equivalent. The declaration must be signed by a qualified, independent body, for example, a computer auditor.

Patient satisfaction survey report April 2018

First of all, thank you, to all the patients who participated in the survey and who gave us their opinion.

A total of 130 cards were distributed, out of which 35% chose to respond.

All the answers refer only to medical consultations with Dr. Belén Redal and not to consultations with the attending physician or clinic staff.

The results of the survey are in Danish on the following page:


New Permanent Locum

We are very happy to inform all our patients that we have hired an experienced permanent locum who will assist in the practice on Mondays and Tuesdays. Allan Hunter Moos is present starting April 1, 2018.

The substitute physicians Ulla and Feryal are no longer at the clinic.

Changes in practice / letter from region H

Our colleague doctor Raúl Pesquera-Cabezas stopped in December 2017. All patients received a letter from region H with this information. Doctor Belén Redal-Baigorri is still the clinic's owner and continues to be the contact physician for all patients affiliated to the clinic.

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