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Telephone hours

Every day there is one hour telephone consultation with the doctor and our staff regarding questions about your Health. (8-9 every day except wednesday wich is from 12-13) This telephone consultation is not for requestion prescriptions or appointments.

Telephone no. 43 99 75 72. The telephone line is open on weekdays (except on Wednesday) between 10:00 and 12:00 for requesting an appointment, renewing prescriptions and other inquiries. On Wednesdays, you can contact us between 13:00 and 16:00.

Patients suffering acute illness outside telephone hours can contact us on weekdays between 12:00 and 16:00 on the telephone no. 28 77 68 03 (on Wednesdays between 8:00 and 12:00).

E-mailing the clinic




For requesting appointments electronically, renewing prescriptions and e-mail consultation

Go to the website: www.laegevejen.dk

(Requires a password, please contact the clinic)

From January 1, 2014 it is not possible to contact the Emergency Medical Service (lægevagten) anymore. If you are acutely ill and require assistance outside opening hours, contact 1813, which is a nurse boarded rostering service.

E-mailing the webmaster

If you have questions about Lægeklinikens website or notice anything not working correctly on the website, do not hesitate to contact our webmaster:


Lægeklinik Belén Redal

Taastrup hovedgade 82, 1 sal. 2630 Taastrup  Telefon 43 99 75 72  Akut mobil 28 77 68 03  Fax 43 52 05 36

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